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Hello Kitty! What’s not to love?!? If you know me best, you would know I’m not much of a baker (that’s CherlynME's talent!) so I tried my best! If you're throwing a Hello Kitty themed birthday or have a friend who is obsessed….try this!


I mixed up all the ingredients on the box cake mix and poured it into the Hello Kitty pan and cooked for 24-30 minutes on 250-300 degrees so it would keep moist. I constantly was checking it by poking the middle of the cake with a toothpick and once it was perfect (NO more goo on the toothpick) I pulled it out and let it stand for 10-15 minutes to cool. After it cooled, I put another large cookie pan lined with wax paper on top of the Hello Kitty Pan and carefully flipped the mold over. Now, you can begin to pipe on the frosting. Follow the directions on the Wilton disposable bag to learn how to attach the coupler and the 4b star tip, then add the white frosting in the bag. Also you want to start attaching the disposable tips to the colored frosting tubes as well. Read the directions on the Wilton Hello Kitty pan to learn what colors you should start piping first. You want to start piping the inside of the bow before you outline it in black, then pipe the black eyes, black whiskers, and yellow nose then finally the face! Dab your finger in cornstarch to smooth out the eyes and the nose (this way your finger won’t stick to the frosting!) Take your time with the face part (No rush the more precise the better!) the longer you squeeze the white frosting through the star tip the bigger the stars, so it depends on your liking. Good Luck and most of all have fun with it!


Delilah (NEÜ)